Compress or shrink a large PDF without complex coding

Kostas, Developer

Nowadays web is all about performance. Bulky documents tend to weigh a lot and might become a bottleneck for any application. That's where Compress PDF Rest API comes in handy. Use our fast and secure service to make your large PDFs smaller and make them easier to store or share. It allows you to compress your documents up to 90% of their original size! Compressed PDFs are suitable for sharing, publishing on the net, or sending via email.

Real-life example compressing 22MB PDF to 192KB using simple curl call.


curl -F "File=@/path/to/remove-piece-information.pdf" -F "StoreFile=true"<your-api-secret>

Easy integration

Reducing your documents' size is simple. Pick an SDK library of your choice:

Then, grab a code sample from our auto-generated snippets and try it out for free!

Compression options

Compress API gives you full control over PDF compression options. It allows you to select PDF image compression algorithms and quality.

Remove redundant objects from the PDF, including fonts, bookmarks, annotations, forms, page labels, article threads, tagged information, page thumbnails, layers, duplicates, piece information dictionaries like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop private data, etc.

This PDF Compress API endpoint can also optimize page content streams in the PDF file, linearize compressed PDF files and optimize for fast Web View, subset embedded fonts, and even more.

Find a complete list of parameters in our live demo section.


No need for compex coding or fast servers to add PDF compression to your desktop or web app.