Convert PDF to XLSX using JAVA

High-speed, powerful, and secure API for converting PDF files to XLSX spreadsheets in JAVA


PDF to XLSX API is a terrific tool for Java that allows converting both scanned and textual PDFs into editable MS Office Excel spreadsheets. It provides superior-quality XLSX documents that are easy to adjust, manipulate, rewrite, and share with your colleagues.

Convert PDF to Excel with styling and formatting

Our newly introduced PDF to XLSX API converter is a super convenient tool for transforming either textual or scanned PDFs into editable MS Office Excel spreadsheets. This tool provides superior-quality of conversion while preserving not only the data but also formatting and styling. Other than the tabular data, it can also include images, paragraphs, and other non-table content into the produced XLSX file.

How to convert PDF documents to XLSX using Java

The PDF to XLSX conversion consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a free ConvertAPI account
  2. Install our Java library using Maven
  3. Set up the conversion using our interactive demo
  4. Copy-paste the auto-generated code snippet

PDF to XLSX using Java code example

A straightforward way to convert a PDF to XLSX while preserving images, paragraphs, and formatting would look something like this:

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Java Client:

ConvertApi.convert("pdf", "xlsx",
    new Param("File", Paths.get("/path/to/my_file.pdf")),
    new Param("IncludeFormatting", "true")

Using this conversion, you also gain the ability to choose whether you want to combine extracted tables into a single sheet or keep them separate. All the rest will be resolved automatically based on the best-predicted outcome.


ConvertAPI's PDF to XLSX API is an excellent tool for converting PDFs to XLSX using the Java programming language. With just a few simple steps, you can set up your project by using the auto-generated code snippet available on the interactive demo page, saving you valuable time and effort.