Convert PDF to XLSX using C#

High-speed, powerful, and secure API for converting PDF documents to XLSX spreadsheets in C# .NET


PDF to XLSX converter allows you to convert scanned or textual PDFs that contain tabular data to an editable MS Office Excel (xlsx) file.

Convert PDF to XLSX programmatically

Using the ConvertAPI library for .NET, you can effortlessly convert either scanned or textual PDF files to editable XLSX spreadsheets. PDF to XLSX conversion can be incredibly useful for data extraction, data manipulation, editing and formatting, data integration into other tools, such as databases, business intelligence software, or specialized data analysis software. Our C# library is accessible via a NuGet package manager, and the source code can be found on GitHub.

To start converting, please sign up for a free account, grab your API secret key, install our C# library, and you are good to go!

Install the ConvertAPI library into any C# project

To install our SDK into your project, simply run this command from the NuGet console:

PM> Install-Package ConvertApi

Or find the ConvertApi package in the NuGet package explorer.

Convert PDF documents to MS Excel files using ASP.NET

Once you have the library installed and retrieved the API secret key, you can use this code sample showing how simple it is to convert PDF to XLSX using C# programming language:

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using ConvertApiDotNet;
using ConvertApiDotNet.Exceptions;

namespace ConvertAPILibrary
    class Program
        static async Task Main(string[] args)
                // Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI C# Client:
                // Read more about PDF to XLSX API:
                var convertApi = new ConvertApi("your-api-secret");
                var convert = await convertApi.ConvertAsync("pdf", "xlsx",
                    new ConvertApiFileParam("File", @"C:\path\to\my_file.pdf")
                await convert.SaveFilesAsync(@"C:\converted-files\");

                Console.WriteLine("The PDF saved to " + saveFiles);

            catch (ConvertApiException e)
                Console.WriteLine("Status Code: " + e.StatusCode);
                Console.WriteLine("Response: " + e.Response);

That's all it takes to implement the PDF to XLSX conversion into any .NET solution!


PDF to XLSX conversion is valuable because it transforms data from a static, non-editable format into a dynamic and versatile spreadsheet format. This conversion unlocks the full potential of the data, enabling analysis, manipulation, and presentation for various business, research, and data management purposes. You can find a complete list of conversion parameters on our live demo page. More advanced file manipulation techniques and examples can be found in our GitHub examples folder. Should you have any questions or concerns - do not hesitate to contact us!