Convert PDF files to editable MS Office documents

Kostas, Developer

We are thrilled to share with you that we have launched a highly requested feature - PDF to MS Office converters RESTful API! You can now utilize ConvertAPI to convert PDF files into editable MS Office documents such as:

It is handy if you want to turn a PDF into an editable document, spreadsheet, or presentation while preserving the original layout and formatting of the document as close to the original as possible. We provide a market-leading conversion quality that no one can beat!

PDF to DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX conversion SaaS

ConvertAPI is a platform-independent file conversion SaaS that can be accessed via REST API. This makes it easy to integrate it into any technological stack project, regardless of the platform. To make things even simpler, we provide SDK libraries for the most popular programming languages, like NodeJs, PHP, C#, Java, Python, Go, Ruby and more. You can find all our SDKs on our libraries page.

Convert a PDF to MS Office Word DOCX document

Converting a PDF to an MS Office Word document provides flexibility, editability, and ease of collaboration, making it a preferred choice in both professional and casual settings. It allows you to edit, amend, copy, and share the document with your colleagues without the need for manual rewriting. All you need to do is pass your PDF to our PDF to DOCX endpoint, and retrieve the converted result:

curl -F "File=@/path/to/my_file.pdf" -F "StoreFile=true"

Our API offers robust features like layout preservation, formatting retention, table handling, and OCR-powered text extraction from scanned PDFs into an editable DOCX file.

Turn a PDF into an MS Office Excel spreadsheet

Converting a PDF to Excel is helpful for improved data handling, analysis, and visualization, making it a valuable feature when dealing with tabular data locked in a PDF format. It allows you to extract the tabular data for manipulation, analysis, and collaboration. Structured data can then be organized into rows and columns for filtering and ordering. This makes it easier to work with the data and perform various operations on it. It can also be imported into other applications and databases. To convert your PDF to XLSX, you only need to make a single call to our service:

curl -F "File=@/path/to/my_file.pdf" -F "StoreFile=true"

For this conversion, you can choose to include non-table content into the XLSX, like images, paragraphs, and other non-tabular elements. You can also choose whether to combine the extracted tabular data into a single sheet or keep them separate. Converting a PDF to XLSX has never been easier!

Create a visually appealing PPTX presentation from a PDF

Creating an interactive and visually appealing slide deck from a PDF can effectively convey your message and captivate your audience during a presentation. Using our PDF to PPTX converter, you can convert your PDF into a spectacular editable MS Office PowerPoint slideshow without any effort or specific knowledge. All it takes to convert a PDF to PPTX is passing your PDF file to our service:

curl -F "File=@/path/to/my_file.pdf" -F "StoreFile=true"

Like in the above PDF to DOCX and XLSX examples, you can convert the password-protected documents as well as apply OCR to the conversion.


PDF to MS Office converters are incredibly useful tools that allow you to unlock the full potential of PDF documents. With the ability to convert PDFs to the most popular MS Office formats, you can easily craft professional-looking documents that were previously inaccessible for editing. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and empowers you to take your work to the next level.

Our team has dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to developing these converters, with the aim of providing a valuable toolset to our esteemed customers. We strongly believe that these converters will be super useful and beneficial for many business needs.

Feel free to try them using our interactive demo!