Text to PDF using PHP

Convert plain text files to PDF with page parameters


Easily turn text, logs, and plain text files into PDFs or PDF/A with our TXT to PDF PHP library. Set page size, orientation, and margins as you like, and make your PDFs smaller with our compression feature. Great for anyone needing quick and flexible text document conversion PHP library.

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File conversion library for PHP

ConvertAPI provides a PHP library that allows you to perform a Text to PDF conversion with just a few lines of code. Convert Text to PDF documents using PHP programming language with no effort at all!

Execute the following command in your project root:
composer require convertapi/convertapi-php

Or install it manually using ConvertApi autoloader:

Following extensions are required: curl & json

How To Convert Text to PDF using PHP?

You can convert Text to PDF in a few simple steps:

Text to PDF - complete code snippet for PHP

Once you have your authentication in place, simply copy-paste this txt to pdf conversion code snippet into your PHP project:

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI JavaScript Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-js

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Node.js Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-nodejs

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI PHP Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-php

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Java Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-java

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI C# Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-dotnet

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Ruby Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-ruby

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Python Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-python

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Go Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-go

REM Code snippet is using the command line utility program: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-cli

<!-- For conversions with the multiple file result please refer to this example: https://repl.it/@ConvertAPI/HTML-Form-with-multiple-file-result -->

Upload the file and see how it works

You can set up the advanced conversion parameters and test the conversion result online using our interactive demo tool. It will auto-generate the code snippet for you!

Advanced Text to PDF conversion parameters

PageRange String

Set page range. Example 1-10.

PageOrientation Collection

Set page orientation.

Values:   portrait landscape

PageSize Collection

Page size.

Values:   letter lettersmall tabloid ledger legal statement executive a3 a4 a4small a5 b4 b5

MarginLeft Integer

Set the page left margin in millimeters (mm).

MarginRight Integer

Set the page right margin in millimeters (mm).

MarginTop Integer

Set the page top margin in millimeters (mm).

MarginBottom Integer

Set the page bottom margin in millimeters (mm).

FontName Collection

Specifies the text font name. Contact us if you are looking for a specific font for a text that is missing from the list.

Values:   Arial Bahnschrift Calibri Cambria Consolas Constantia CourierNew Georgia Tahoma TimesNewRoman Verdana

FontSize Integer

Specifies the text font size.

CompressPDF Bool

It tries to produce smaller output files but requires Adobe Reader 6, released in 2003 or newer, to view created PDF files.

Pdfa Bool

Create PDF/A-1b compliant document.

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