PPTX to PDF using PHP

Convert your PPTX files into PDFs utilizing our PHP library.


Our highly effective PHP library streamlines the process of converting PPT and PPTX files to PDF format. Designed with simplicity in mind, developers can leverage this powerful tool to efficiently transform presentations into a widely usable and distributable format. This PHP library stands out for its ease of use, making it a preferred choice for developers aiming to enhance productivity and workflow efficiency. Utilize this library and experience the seamless conversion of PPT and PPTX files into PDFs.

Convert PPT and PPTX to PDF using PHP

ConvertAPI's PHP library is an invaluable resource for developers who need to perform high-quality PPTX to PDF conversions effortlessly. This highly efficient API is designed to seamlessly convert PowerPoint presentations into PDF format, providing a streamlined approach that is appreciated by developers across a wide range of industries. Its robust features and user-friendly interface make it a breeze to integrate into any workflow, ultimately saving developers time and improving productivity. Furthermore, ConvertAPI's PHP library's ability to maintain high fidelity to the original PPTX format ensures that all styling and formatting are preserved during the conversion, making it a top choice for professionals who value quality and efficiency.

Incorporate the ConvertAPI library into your PHP project

Our PHP library is accessible via composer, and the source code can be found on GitHub. To install the ConvertAPI PHP library using Composer, you need to execute the following command in your project root:

composer require convertapi/convertapi-php

This command will add the ConvertAPI library to your project, providing you with the necessary tools to convert PPT and PPTX files into PDF format efficiently.

If you do not wish to use the Composer, you must require the ConvertApi autoloader:


Be aware that if you choose to install the ConvertAPI PHP library manually, bypassing the use of Composer, these dependencies are required for the library to function as intended:

Convert PPTX to PDF programmatically

After successfully installing the library, utilize this sample code, which demonstrates how to convert your PowerPoint slideshow to a PDF file employing the PHP programming language:

require __DIR__ . '/../lib/ConvertApi/autoload.php';

use \ConvertApi\ConvertApi;

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI PHP Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-php
# Read more about PPTX to PDF API: https://www.convertapi.com/pptx-to-pdf

$result = ConvertApi::convert('pdf', [
        'File' => '/path/to/my_file.pptx',
    ], 'pptx'

Integrating PPTX to PDF conversion functionality within a PHP project is a straightforward operation. This process supports the conversion of PPTX files stored locally, those hosted on a URL-accessible server, or files uploaded to our server, accessible through the provided FileId.

Advanced techniques

In the event that you need alternatives for PPTX to PDF conversion, we offer a variety of other conversion tools that can handle this task efficiently. Among these are:

There might be occasions when it becomes necessary to employ a different converter, particularly if a chosen converter encounters difficulties while processing your file. These issues can arise from an invalid or damaged PPTX file, or when the converted PDF doesn't meet your quality standards. In these situations, having backup converters ready to use when your main conversion tool fails can provide a useful solution.


Check out our interactive demo tool for a comprehensive overview of parameters that guarantee a smooth conversion process. For those interested in delving deeper into proficient techniques and examples, our GitHub examples folder provides an extensive compilation. PPTX to PDF conversion parameters offer unparalleled command over the resultant output – don't hesitate to utilize them fully. Remember, if uncertainties arise while navigating the process, you're always welcome to reach out to us for assistance!