Convert PPTX to PDF using C#

Transform your PPTX to PDFs in seconds with our C# library.


A highly effective C# library that allows developers to convert PPT and PPTX file formats to a PDF using a simple-to-use library for .NET.

Convert PowerPoint slideshows to PDF documents using C#

The ConvertAPI .NET library is a highly effective tool that allows developers to convert various file formats using a simple-to-use API wrapper. This robust library supports a wide range of document conversion tasks, including MS Office suite to PDF and vice versa. The library's flexibility and efficiency make it an excellent choice for .NET developers who need to implement file conversion in their projects. Its straightforward, user-friendly design makes integration into existing .NET applications seamless and straightforward. You can install it using NuGet package manager, and find the source code on GitHub. Furthermore, ConvertAPI .NET library is regularly updated to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the latest .NET frameworks.

Install the ConvertAPI library into the .NET project

To incorporate our SDK into your project, all you need to do is execute this command in the NuGet console:

PM> Install-Package ConvertApi

Or find the ConvertApi package in the NuGet library.

Convert PPTX to PDF programmatically

After successfully installing the library, utilize this sample code, which demonstrates how to convert your PowerPoint slideshow to a PDF file employing the C# programming language:

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using ConvertApiDotNet;
using ConvertApiDotNet.Exceptions;

namespace ConvertAPILibrary
    class Program
        static async Task Main(string[] args)
                // Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI C# Client:
                // Read more about PDF Merge API:
                var convertApi = new ConvertApi("your-api-secret");
                var convert = await convertApi.ConvertAsync("pptx", "pdf",
                    new ConvertApiFileParam("File", @"C:\path\to\my_file.pptx")
                await convert.SaveFilesAsync(@"C:\converted-files\");

                Console.WriteLine("The PDF saved to " + saveFiles);

            catch (ConvertApiException e)
                Console.WriteLine("Status Code: " + e.StatusCode);
                Console.WriteLine("Response: " + e.Response);

Implementing a PPTX to PDF conversion functionality into the .NET project is as straightforward as it gets. This process allows the conversion of local PPTX files, files stored on a server reachable through a URL, or files uploaded to our server that can be accessed via the FileId.

Advanced techniques

We provide multiple alternative converters that can handle your PPTX to PDF conversion:

There may be instances where you need to switch between different converters, especially if a particular converter struggles to process your file effectively. This could occur due to an invalid or corrupted PPTX file or if the conversion outcome isn't up to your expectations. In such scenarios, implementing alternative converters as a contingency plan when the primary conversion fails can be a beneficial strategy.


Our interactive demo tool provides a complete list of parameters that ensure a successful conversion. Should you wish to learn more advanced techniques and examples, our GitHub examples folder offers an exhaustive collection. Remember that these unique parameters give you unprecedented control over the output, so take advantage of them. If you ever feel unsure of the process, never hesitate to contact us for help!