Convert PDF to PPTX using PHP

High-speed, powerful, and secure API for converting PDF documents to PPTX presentations in PHP


PDF to PPTX API is a miraculous tool that converts either scanned or textual PDF documents to editable MS Office PowerPoint PPTX presentations.

Convert PDF to editable PPTX programmatically

Converting a PDF (Portable Document Format) file to PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) format using our PDF to PPTX converter endpoint can offer several benefits like the ability to edit the content within a PowerPoint presentation. PPTX files are editable using PowerPoint or similar presentation software, allowing you to make changes to text, images, and other elements. Our PDF to PPTX converter aims to produce the original layout and formatting of the PDF as closely as possible, keeping the original images, fonts, colors, and graphics.

Install ConvertAPI into your PHP project

Our PDF to PPTX converter is available as a REST API service; however we provide a PHP library for simple integration into your project. The ConvertAPI library is accessible via Composer, and the source code can be found on GitHub. The simplest way to install the library is to use the Composer.

All You need to do is run the following command in your project's root directory:

composer require convertapi/convertapi-php

If you want to install it manually, you must require ConvertApi autoloader:


Please note that if you do not use the Composer, you need to install the following dependencies for our library:

Convert PDF to PPTX using PHP

If you have already installed our library, you can utilize the following code snippet to convert PDF to PPTX with PHP programming language:

require __DIR__ . '/../lib/ConvertApi/autoload.php';

use \ConvertApi\ConvertApi;

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI PHP Client:
# Read more about PDF to PPTX API:

$result = ConvertApi::convert('pptx', [
        'File' => '/path/to/my_file.pdf',
    ], 'pdf'

Converting PDF to PPTX could not be easier with the ConvertAPI library for PHP. You can do it without any effort at all! The library supports the conversion of local files, documents hosted on a server that is accessible via a public URL, and files uploaded to our server that are accessible by FileId.


In summary, the PDF to PPTX converter helps create dynamic PowerPoint presentations from static PDF documents. This allows users to leverage PowerPoint's features while preserving the original content of the PDF. This can be incredibly useful for professionals, educators, and presenters looking to create engaging and customizable presentations.

To ensure a successful conversion, we recommend checking out our live demo, which provides a complete list of parameters. Additionally, if you want to learn more advanced techniques and examples, you can visit our GitHub examples, which offers an exhaustive collection!