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PDF to PPTX features

Experience efficient PDF to PowerPoint conversion with our REST Java library. Transform PDF files into editable PPTX presentations while preserving essential elements like layouts, formatting, graphs, and tables. Our PDF to PPTX Java library delivers a clean and usable PowerPoint presentation, ensuring your content is ready for seamless integration and professional use.

ConvertAPI Java library install

ConvertAPI provides a Java SDK that allows you to perform a PDF to PPTX conversion with just a few lines of code. Convert PDF to PPTX documents using Java programming language with no effort at all!

# Add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

Authenticate your Java library

You can obtain your secret key by signing up for a free account. Once you sign up, you'll receive 250 free conversions instantly! Grab your authentication secret from the account dashboard, and authenticate the ConvertAPI Java library like this:

# get your secret key here: https://www.convertapi.com/a/auth
use \ConvertApi\ConvertApi;

Convert PDF to PPTX using Java in no time!

Once you have your authentication in place, simply copy-paste this pdf to pptx conversion code snippet into your Java project:

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI JavaScript Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-js

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Node.js Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-nodejs

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI PHP Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-php

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Java Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-java

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI C# Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-dotnet

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Ruby Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-ruby

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Python Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-python

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Go Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-go

REM Code snippet is using the command line utility program: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-cli

<!-- For conversions with the multiple file result please refer to this example: https://repl.it/@ConvertAPI/HTML-Form-with-multiple-file-result -->

Try the conversion online - no coding required!

You can try out advanced conversion parameters and test the conversion result online using our interactive demo tool. This tool will produce the same conversion output as if you were using the library from your solution, and it will auto-generate the code snippet for you!

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Advantages of creating a PPTX slideshow from a PDF

PDF to PPTX API can be incredibly handy when you're looking to create stunning PowerPoint presentations from PDF files. Using this tool, you can easily convert PDF files to PPTX presentations while maintaining the original layout, formatting, images, and more. It is a particularly useful feature for businesses that rely heavily on presentations and need to integrate them seamlessly into their Java projects.

If you want to create a presentation from a scanned PDF, you might want to enable the OCR for the conversions as well as select the OCR language. That's all it takes to create a beautifully crafted PowerPoint presentation from a PDF file using Java.


Our PDF to PPTX API is a lifesaver when it comes to producing high-quality editable PowerPoint PPTX presentations from a PDF file. The conversion itself doesn't require any coding skills - the auto-generated code snippet for Java can be found at the bottom of our interactive demo page!

Conversion parameters

Password String

Sets the password to open protected documents.

PageRange String

Set page range. Example 1-10 or 1,2,5.

OcrLanguage Collection

Set the OCR language.

Values:   automatic ca da de es en fr fi it nl no pl pt ro ru sv sl tr

EnableOcr Bool

Enable optical character recognition(OCR).

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