Convert PDF to PPTX using JAVA

High-speed, robust, and secure API for converting PDF files to PPTX slideshows in JAVA


PDF to PPTX API is a super useful tool when you need to create beautifully crafted PowerPoint presentations from PDF files. It allows you to convert PDF files to PPTX presentations and receive the converted file having quality as close to the original as possible while preserving the images, layout, and formatting.

Create a PPTX slideshow from a PDF

PDF to PPTX API can be incredibly handy when you're looking to create stunning PowerPoint presentations from PDF files. Using this tool, you can easily convert PDF files to PPTX presentations while maintaining the original layout, formatting, images, and more. It is a particularly useful feature for businesses that rely heavily on presentations and need to integrate them seamlessly into their Java projects.

How to convert PDF to PPTX using Java?

While extracting all the content from a PDF and putting it nicely into the PowerPoint presentation seems like an overwhelming task, it is actually a piece of cake using the ConvertAPI library for Java. You can add our library to your project using Maven:


Once you have the library installed, feel free to sign up for a free ConvertAPI account and grab your API secret from the account dashboard.

The simplest approach to convert a PDF to PPTX while preserving graphic images, fonts, and formatting would look like this:

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Java Client:

ConvertApi.convert("pdf", "pptx",
    new Param("File", Paths.get("/path/to/my_file.pdf"))

If you want to create a presentation from a scanned PDF, you might want to enable the OCR for the conversions as well as select the OCR language. That's all it takes to create a beautifully crafted PowerPoint presentation from a PDF file using Java.


Our PDF to PPTX API is a lifesaver when it comes to producing high-quality editable PowerPoint PPTX presentations from a PDF file. The conversion itself doesn't require any coding skills - the auto-generated code snippet for Java can be found at the bottom of our interactive demo page!