Big news for our Northern American users

Kostas, Developer

We're constantly scaling and upgrading our service architecture to beat and retain market-leading positions. IBM's data protection and security standards combined with our ISO 27001 certification became a preferable choice for many businesses worldwide. Since we noticed a rapid growth of interest in our ConvertAPI service in the Northern American region, we are happy to announce that we are expanding and launching a physical server in Toronto's IBM data center!

Server in Toronto

Previously all requests from Canada were routed to the Washington server's location. From now on, all requests coming from this region will be processed superfast without leaving the country.

Your requests will be routed automatically to the nearest data center when calling the default endpoint. However, there might be edge cases where our load-balancer kicks in due to heavy loads on the server, temporary outages, etc., and find the optimal server to handle your request.

If you want to avoid being redirected to another country from time to time, you can specify the Toronto server's endpoint explicitly: This way you can ensure that your data stays in your country no matter what the circumstances may be!

You can find a complete list of our server's locations in our docs. If you want to request a server set up in your location, feel free to contact us via live chat or using the support inquiry form. We are always happy to help!