New location discovered - Sydney!

Kostas, Developer

ConvertAPI provides a real-time file conversion service that makes availability, performance, and security our top priority. We have our infrastructure distributed across many IBM Data centers around the world to avoid a single point of failure. This time we are happy to announce a newly launched server in Sydney, Australia. It will facilitate our customers across the Oceanian region including Australia and New Zealand and also serves as a redundant server as a part of our disaster recovery plan in case of other instance’s overload or failure.

Our geolocation strategy routes the Rest API calls automatically to the nearest server to reduce latency, but you can specify Sydney’s server specifically by switching the endpoint to This way, we can ensure that all files and documents are processed inside Australia and never leave its borders, complying with all the regulations and policies currently in place.

Customer trust is our driving force and we are constantly expanding our server locations to ensure the highest reliability, scalability, and maximum privacy. You can find a complete list of our servers’ locations in our documentation. If you need a server set up in your country, feel free to contact us!