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Convert a list of images to PDF document using Python

In complex information systems, we often need to process document flows and in some cases aggregate and convert documents to other file formats. These advanced techniques require lots of time and effort to develop and it becomes a headache to maintain such project infrastructure. In these cases, it is wise to use a 3rd party tool that specializes in these complex computations and provides an easily maintainable flexible solution to manipulate all sorts of structured data. That's where ConvertAPI Pyhton library comes in handy.

In this example, we will take a look at how to create a PDF document from a list of images in just a few lines of code.

First, let's install a ConvertAPI Pyhton library into our project using pip:

pip install --upgrade convertapi

Then, simply paste this code below to your project:

convertapi.api_secret = '<YOUR SECRET HERE>'
convertapi.convert('pdf', {
    'File': '/path/to/1.png'
}, from_format = 'png').save_files('/path/to/dir')

That's it, just replace your secret and path to your file and it should work straight away. Notice that we are using a PNG file in this example. To take full advantage of this particular conversion, please refer to the PNG to PDF converter parameters. You can set up the conversion there and get the generated code snippet at the bottom of the page.

Conversion can be applied for multiple image file formats like jpg, bmp, gif, webp, and many others in the same manner. Simply change the "from_format" parameter to whatever you choose and you are good to go.

In some cases, you might need to generate a PDF document from multiple sources like images and documents. To do that, simply convert each document to PDF and merge them into a single document using PDF -> MERGE conversion. This conversion accepts a list of files and produces a single PDF output. In order to achieve all the performance benefits, you might want to check the workflows.

Using this simple to use, yet powerful conversion service you can convert your files to 200+ file formats!