Convert PDF to DOCX C#

A tool for converting PDF to MS Office Word DOCX documents in C# .NET


PDF to DOCX conversion allows you to convert both textual and scanned PDF files into editable MS Office Word documents.

Convert PDF to DOCX programmatically

Our PDF to DOCX converter is an API tool designed to convert PDF (Portable Document Format) files into editable DOCX (Microsoft Word) files. This conversion allows users to edit and manipulate the content of a PDF document in a docx processing program like Microsoft Word. A PDF to DOCX converter is a versatile and practical tool that simplifies converting PDF documents into Microsoft Word-compatible DOCX files. It can be extremely useful and serves various purposes described below.


With our PDF to DOCX converter, you can convert textual or scanned PDF files into editable Word documents. This means that once converted, you can easily modify text, formatting, and other elements within the DOCX file using Microsoft Word or similar word-processing software.

Preservation of Formatting

Our converter will strive to retain the original formatting and layout of the PDF document as closely as possible during the conversion process. This ensures that the converted DOCX file closely resembles the original PDF.

Customization Options

The PDF to DOCX API provides options to customize the output, such as selecting specific pages to convert, enabling or disabling OCR, and specifying the OCR language. It also allows you to convert password-protected PDF documents.


The resulting DOCX files from a PDF to DOCX converter are compatible with popular docx processing software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and more, making it easy to work with the converted documents.

ConvertAPI PDF to Word converter

In this tutorial, we will go through the C# PDF to DOCX conversion implementation, covering everything from a file upload to the converted DOCX output download. ConvertAPI is a REST API service; however, we created a ConvertAPI DotNet library so you can integrate it without worrying about any HTTP calls at all. You can download the ConvertApi package from NuGet, install it into your ASP.NET C# project, and you are all set up!

How to convert PDF to Word in .NET using C#?

  1. Install the ConvertApi NuGet package
  2. Sign up for free and get your API secret
  3. Set up the conversion using our interactive demo tool
  4. Copy-paste the auto-generated code snippet from the bottom of the page!

1. ConvertAPI NuGet package installation

Our ConvertAPI C# library works with both .NET Standard and .NET Core. You can install the ConvertApi NuGet package by searching for ConvertApi in the NuGet package manager or by running this command:

PM> Install-Package ConvertApi

2. Get your secret key

Sign up for a free account and get your API Secret Key in your account dashboard. You can read more about different authentication methods in our docs.

Secret key

3. Set the conversion parameters

Once you have our library installed and received your ConvertAPI secret, you can modify the conversion parameters using our live demo. Once you are happy with the conversion result, you will find an auto-generated code snippet at the bottom of the page!

4. Convert the PDF files to MS Office Word documents using C# programming language

Here is an example code snippet showing how simple it actually is to convert a PDF to an editable DOCX document:

var convertApi = new ConvertApi("your-api-secret");
var convert = await convertApi.ConvertAsync("pdf", "docx",
    new ConvertApiFileParam("File", @"C:\path\to\my_file.pdf")
await convert.SaveFilesAsync(@"C:\converted-files\");

That's all! Using ConvertAPI, you can effortlessly integrate a PDF to Word conversion into your ASP.NET project. You can find a complete list of conversion parameters on our live demo page.


Converting a PDF (Portable Document Format) file to DOCX (Microsoft Word) format offers several practical advantages and is helpful for various reasons, like editability, content extraction, formatting adjustments, etc. Using ConvertAPI, it is effortless to get a spectacular quality DOCX file from a PDF document. It is super easy to implement the conversion in your solution. The service itself is fast, reliable, and secure. It is platform-independent, so you can convert your documents anytime, anywhere. Conversion parameters and the auto-generated code snippet can be found on our PDF to DOCX API page. For more advanced C# conversion techniques like converting a stream, conversion chaining, etc., please take a look at our GitHub code examples. Happy coding!