Dynamic PDF using PHP

Generate dynamic PDF documents using a DOCX template and JSON object.

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Dynamic PDF features

Dynamic PDF PHP SDK is a tool that allows you to dynamically generate PDF documents based on a MS Word (DOCX) template by injecting custom properties using a JSON object that contains your data. It's a game changer for anyone who wants to generate custom PDF documents on the fly. Using our DOCX Template PHP SDK, you can effortlessly create stunning PDF documents like invoices, contracts, agreements, etc. It allows you to generate dynamic proposals or quotes using your desired DOCX template as a basis for the final PDF document.

File conversion library for PHP

ConvertAPI provides a PHP library that allows you to perform a Dynamic PDF conversion with just a few lines of code. Dynamic PDF documents using PHP programming language with no effort at all!

Execute the following command in your project root:
composer require convertapi/convertapi-php

Or install it manually using ConvertApi autoloader:

Following extensions are required: curl & json

How To Dynamic PDF using PHP?

You can Dynamic PDF in a few simple steps:

Dynamic PDF - complete code snippet for PHP

Once you have your authentication in place, simply copy-paste this docx-template to pdf conversion code snippet into your PHP project:

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI JavaScript Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-js

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Node.js Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-nodejs

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI PHP Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-php

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Java Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-java

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI C# Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-dotnet

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Ruby Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-ruby

# Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Python Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-python

// Code snippet is using the ConvertAPI Go Client: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-go

REM Code snippet is using the command line utility program: https://github.com/ConvertAPI/convertapi-cli

<!-- For conversions with the multiple file result please refer to this example: https://repl.it/@ConvertAPI/HTML-Form-with-multiple-file-result -->

Try the conversion online - no coding required!

You can try out advanced conversion parameters and test the conversion result online using our interactive demo tool. This tool will produce the same conversion output as if you were using the library from your solution, and it will auto-generate the code snippet for you!

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Conversion parameters

There are currently no specific advanced parameters for this converter.

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