cURL Integration

Simple conversion methods

Web to PDF API

curl -F "Url=" -F "StoreFile=true"

Excel to PDF API

curl -F "File=@/path/to/doc.xlsx" -F "StoreFile=true"

Remote Word to PDF API

curl -F "File=" -F "StoreFile=true"

Convert a local file

Word to PDF API

curl -F "File=@/path/to/doc.docx" -F "StoreFile=true"

Convert a remote file and set additional parameters

Set input and output formats and pass file parameter.

PowerPoint to PNG API. Read more

curl -F "File=@/path/to/presentation.pptx" -F "StoreFile=true" -F "ImageResolutionH=500" -F "ImageResolutionV=500" -F "ScaleImage=true" -F "ScaleProportions=true"

Conversion chaining using cURL

Convert a PDF file into multiple JPG images and ZIP the converted result into a single archive on our server.

PDF to JPG API. Read more

curl -F "File=@/path/to/document.pdf" -F "ImageResolutionH=500" -F "ImageResolutionV=500" -F "ScaleImage=true" -F "StoreFile=true"

In this example we used a PDF document that consists of 3 pages which results in 3 separate JPG images. Now let's zip multiple converted files into a single archive.

JPG to ZIP API. Read more

curl -F "Files[0]=" -F "Files[1]=" -F "Files[2]=" -F "StoreFile=true"

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