Data and Log Retention Policy

ConvertAPI service records small amount of data about the operation and/or use of its services and stores this data for 90 days. Submitted personal data/source files and the generated/destination files are kept only for the time necessary to efficiently process your requests. The records are considered confidential. ConvertAPI team takes active measures to prevent unauthorized access during this retention period.


In setting the retention period, ConvertAPI team has weighed a variety of competing interests. Chief among them are the need to:

The following principles help guide ConvertAPI retention and stewardship of retained records:


Circumstances may arise in which specific data is kept for longer than 90 days and potentially disclosed to certain third parties. The use of any such retained data by authorized staff, and the release of any log information to third parties, are done under the direction and with the approval of ConvertAPI Office of the General Counsel.

Cloud services and IT services operated by providers beyond ConvertAPI may have record retention periods that exist beyond the scope and control of this policy.