Lotus Smart Suite REST APIs

Convert Lotus Smart Suite files programmatically to image or PDF using our fast and reliable REST API service with any programming you choose. Supported source formats are 123, 12M, LWP, MWP, SAM, WK1, WK2, WK3. You can convert password protected files, as well documents with custom embedded fonts.

Convert from Convert to
jpg 123 to jpg
pdf 123 to pdf
png 123 to png
tiff 123 to tiff
jpg 12m to jpg
pdf 12m to pdf
png 12m to png
tiff 12m to tiff
jpg lwp to jpg
pdf lwp to pdf
png lwp to png
tiff lwp to tiff
jpg mwp to jpg
pdf mwp to pdf
png mwp to png
tiff mwp to tiff
jpg sam to jpg
pdf sam to pdf
png sam to png
tiff sam to tiff
jpg wk1 to jpg
pdf wk1 to pdf
png wk1 to png
tiff wk1 to tiff
jpg wk2 to jpg
pdf wk2 to pdf
png wk2 to png
tiff wk2 to tiff
jpg wk3 to jpg
pdf wk3 to pdf
png wk3 to png
tiff wk3 to tiff